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Off The Grid Leisure Sports Centre: Our story

If your idea of adventure involves turning your back on suburbia, Off The Grid Leisure Sports Centre can outfit your 4x4 Ute or SUV to tackle the most torturous terrain and beat it into submission. Regardless of whether you want to give your road warrior a mild tweak or turn it into the ultimate family escape vehicle, Off The Grid LSC has the talent and experience to realise any off-roader's  dreams. Find out more...


Service is not just something we's the very reason we open our doors each day!

  • Off Road Modifications

  • Off Road Accessories

  • Off Road Upgrades

  • Caravan Servicing

  • Caravan Upgrades

  • Camper Trailer Upgrades & Mods

  • Battery System Upgrades

  • Suspension Upgrades

  • Trailer Servicing

  • Electrical Installations

  • Custom Lighting 

  • Camper Trailer Servicing & Repairs

  • VHF/UHF Radio Supply & Installation

  • Inverter Supply & Installation

  • Custom Ute Tray Installations

  • Pre-purchase Inspections

We work on all brands...

(we've listed a few below)

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We like to get our hands - and our toys - dirty!

The Off The Grid team reckon that if you're going to promote and sell a product, you should be confident that it'll do what it says on the box. When it comes to 4x4 and off-road gear, the only way to be 110% sure that a product will really go the distance, is to bolt it onto a ute or SUV and head for the hills.

Enter #PROJECTSUZANNE: a 2015 Isuzu D-MAX LSM manual and the personal whip of Tom, one of the lead Off The Grid techs. We kitted Suzanne out with all the good gear and pointed her in the direction of the Old Telegraph Track with strict instructions to try and break everything onboard.

Head over to the dedicated #PROJECTSUZANNE page and check out what an off-roader is capable of when given Off The Grid's "special" treatment.


Remember: We'll only give a product our stamp of approval if we've tested it ourselves!

Take us along for the ride!

Aussie Service Centre is also the first choice for local tradies who rely on us to keep their utes and vans  - not to mention their businesses - running efficiently. We're also avid off-roaders, caravaners and boaters and with the assistance of our affiliates, Marine Creations and Off The Grid Leisure Sports Centre, we can maintain, accessorise or modify almost anything. 

We're also here for the mums and dad who ferry their most precious cargo - and our future - on that most torturous of commutes: the daily school run. We know that you've got enough to worry about so leave the maintenance of your daily driver in our experienced hands. We promise we'll love your car as much as you do!

We're here for YOUR long haul!

You're an adventurer. We get it! We also love the allure of the outdoors and the wanders that lurk beyond the horizon or over that next hill. We appreciate the harsh, often unforgiving landscape you need to traverse to find that new favourite spot and we've learnt from experience that it takes more than just good luck to get you to the back of beyond - and back home again. 


(view the gallery of our recent projects)

Premium brands we use

To ensure your 4x4, Ute, SUV, CamperTrailer or Caravan survives the rigours of life Off The Grid, we've partnered with distributors and manufacturers whose products are built off-road tough!

$hop Off The Grid

Off The Grid produces a range of custom-designed and engineered parts for Off The Gridders who want well-sorted gear that look the business and go the distance. Marketed under the OTG brand, we've launched a series of customised lighting solutions and  switch panels with a host of really cool products still on the drawing board.



It's the on-going relationships with our customers that drive all of us at Off The Grid LSC..


We constantly strive to be the best auto techs and mechanics in the industry and to provide value to our loyal customers

Had suspension fog lights and led spotlights fitted , couldn’t be happier with the boys work and choice of spot lights

Eddie Inati, Vic

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